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What is Authup?

Authup is an easy to use yet powerful authentication & authorization system. It's modular design allow you to only deploy the parts you need for your application and scale the system precisely as demands grow. You could for example run multiple instances of the REST API along a single instance of the UI and use a load balancer to distribute the load.

It comes with a fully featured admin panel giving you access to it's powerful REST API for user and permission management via a beautiful UI.

Or it can be used as a headless system for which you may or may not implement your own user interface (when using Vue JS you can choose from pre-built components for you own application).

Authup requires no external services and can be deployed on any system that supports Node.js but it can be configured to use external databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL or Redis for caching.

Important NOTE

The guide is under construction ☂ at the moment. So please stay patient or contribute to it, till it covers all parts ⭐.